Hey guys!

Today we want to talk with you about a special theme. It´s about factories that have a bad reputation. I want to know if this bad reputation is justified or not.

First, we talk about Nestlé. It is a big company which owns little companies like Schöller, Nesquik and so on. They produce food and drinks. The most things i found out about Nestlé is its thing with water ressources from Africa. For Example in Algeria, Nestlé bought the water use rights and it keeps the water.In 2010 the UNO has published that everyone in the world should have the right to have water. In Pakistan, it is fact that Nestlé keeps the water, puts it in plastic bottles and sells it for much more money than they had to pay. And, of course I think that it is not okay! And not only for human rights it is a bad thing. The plastic bottles ( PET bottles) are made of oil and this industry really gobbles it and, of course, energy. As you hopefully know, more than seven million tons of plastic land in the sea. (

When I read this, I was really shocked. I didn´t knew that until I read this article but now I know, Nestlé is really exploiting so called third world countries!

And if this isn´t enough, Nestlé does not only exploits the ressources of the countries. It exploits the people there too. In 2005 they were accused of child labour, illegal slave trade with childs from the Ivory coast. (

So, if you think it´s all, well, surprise, it is not. Nestlé was also accused by doing animal tests for their teas at rats, although these products doesn´t have to be tested on them because there is no law for these tests. (

In 2007 Nestlé got an award for „destroying the green planet and making it more black“ (

All in all, I think Nestlé deserves its bad reputation, because all these things (and much more because these are just examples) made me think different about Nestlé and I think I want to avoid this company now and I tell my parents that they please don´t buy things from this company anymore! If you want to know which brands belong to Nestlé, here is a list: 

Have a nice evening and think about this theme!



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