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After „-A“ told us something about the activities of Nestlé, I thought I could tell you about other companies and their bad influence on biodiversity. I read about it last year in a StreetWorker magazine. For those who don’t know this magazine: It’s written and sold by homeless people and I was suprised how interesting it is to read those! I can really commend those magazines. They have interesting topics, seen from another point of view.


One of the reports inside was really touching and it stayed in my mind: „Monsanto, an enemy of the planet!“. Monsanto is one of the biggest seed companies worldwide. It was founded in 1901 in the USA as an company which produced chemical products. In the past they’ve produced the carcinogenic insecticide DDT, the softener PCB which leads to infertility, the disputed carcinogenic sweetener Aspartam and other things that led to terrible malformations or that are a threat to biodiversity. Characteristic for Monsanto  as streetworker writes is greediness, arrogance, lobbyism and hard commercial practices.

You may say:“OK, everybody makes mistakes“. Sure, that’s not the problem. And the problem is not only Monsanto. In 2002 a scientist was forced to hold back critism to another insecticide. the plants starded to become resistent against this, that means we have to use more and more every year and a kind of invincible weed is developing because of that. And I won’t forget to mention that the insecticide is carcinogenic. What a suprise!


Another invention is the so called „terminator technology“. That technology prevents the production of seeds.Fortunatly, the development of these technology is stopped, because plants can multiply very easily and infect other plants. That would be our end.

But why do we develop such technologies: It’s the money. Because if we’d use this invention the farmers had to buy new seeds every year. And guess where you can buy them: At the Monsanto company!!!

But it’s still getting more and more confusing. The EU tries a new law at the moment. Farmers have to pay taxes if they want to use their own seeds for planting new plants!!!? It’s tested in Germany at the moment! Thats the most illogical thing I’ve ever heard!!!

In 2013 Obama signed the „Monsanto Protection Act“. That makes it possible for Monsanto to not follow the laws that the USA has!!!?

Now you’d probably swear that you’ll never support this company. What if I tell you that your retirement is depending on Monsanto-shares?


Don’t forget to check out the new StreetWorker magazines! 🙂


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