Hey guys,

At Friday I was in Frankfurt with a friend. We got there by train and also got home by train. There, we went to a shop called „Lush“. This shop does not use chemical ingredients and it fights against animal testing. I bought a face cleanser there and it´s pretty good! 🙂 So, if you´re in Frankfurt one time then make sure to have  a look at Lush.

But something on the day wasn´t so good. When we were hungry, we decided to eat something from a Chicken and Crisps shop. It was very full there so the seller was stressed. A man in front of us wanted crisps without anything but the seller made mayonnaise on them and the man said he doesn´t want them. But instead of keeping the crisps for someone who wants crisps with mayonnaise, the seller just put the whole thing in the rubbish. My friend and I were a little bit shocked. We ordered crisps without anything too, because we are both veggies. At first, the crisps were very delicious, but then we saw chicken nuggets in it! And that´s totally not okay. We ate our crisps but we sadly threw the chicken nuggets away because we don´t eat them.That´s not okay at all. So, I will never gonna get there anymore and my friend neither.

I think, because of those people who give a fuck (sorry for my language) on our environment, the pollution gets bigger everyday and so does the intensive lifestock farming! So the next time I would rather buy a bread or a pretzel at a bakery.

Hope ya´ll had a nice weekend and a good start at school 🙂




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