„Fun“ facts: waste

Hey guys!

I’m back home again and I thought about searching some fun facts about waste on the internet. Have fun!

  1. A ton of new plastic costs about 1200-1400€. A ton of recycled plastic costs abot 500€. Each year, germany produces 21 million tons of new plastic.
  2. About 36% organic materials can be found in the residual waste, because most people are to lazy to separate it.
  3. About 75% of the waste that is able to become recycled is burned instead of recycled.
  4. Theres a course of studies called „Disposal Engineering“
  5. Only 1% of rare earth becomes recycled.
  6. 1,3 billion tons of food are thrown away each year. That’s about 1/3 of the annual production.
  7. Explores have found more than 6 times as much as plastic than plankton in the pacific ocean. 46000 tons of plastic have been found each square kilometer.
  8. 40 visitors of the movie „Plastic planet“ tested their blood. They have found plastic in it.
  9. For having one ton of copper you have to remove 1000 tons of stone or recycle 14 tons of electrical scrap material.
  10. One third of the sand on british beaches are little pieces of plastic.

I hope you like it. Enjoy the rest of your holidays!




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