Swedish guests

Hey guys,

At first I have to say sorry that I can’t write the blog regularly the next days 😦 We have guests from Sweden here at the moment so I’m quite busy to show them as much as I can until they leave on saturday. Today we stayed with some friends who have some swedish guests too 😀 So I won’t be at home until friday. That means I’m not quite ecofriendly because we need to save time by using the car or because we buy a lot of food…….

But we do some good things for the environment as well. 😉 By and eating together we’ve got the possibility to by food in bigger amounts, which saves plastic and other packaging. By staying together only one house needs to be heated. Another positive thing is the use of water bottles made of glass.

You can see things from different sides and if you have a closer look at the ecofriendly side you can learn how important it is to stay with friends 😉 😀


The day before yesterday was more ecofriendly. We made a pumpkin soup with shrimps that have the „MSC-seal“ for sustainable fishing.




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