Is this paper eco-friendly?

Hello everyone and a happy new year!

Today, I decided to do something for school (but actually not for this blog 😀 ) and I searched for a writing pad, and there was a sign on it that reminded me of something that a teacher told me when I was in the fifth grade. She said, that some signs are really eco-friendly and some are not and -I just did such an interesting post about Bio-signs that I decided to do one about eco-friendly and sustainable signs relating to paper. 

We start with the „Blauer Engel“: blauer_engel_logo_gesundheit

Paper, that has this sign on it is to 100 per cent from recycled paper. The dye does not come from any chemical compounds like mercury or lead. So, it is very eco-friendly. (

emas <-This sign stands for checking the global forest ressources and it has strict laws to our eco criterias, but it isn´t as good as the Blue Angel.

eu blumeThe official sign from the EU „European Flower“ isn´t as good as the Blue Angel at all. It´s criterias aren´t very clear and it defects at checking. (

The website has a different opinion to the official European Ecolabel. It says that the laws for energy using, gas emission and so on are good and clearly given just for the use of recycled paper isn´t any law given.

aqua pro natura

But all websites that I checked (3) have the same opinion to „Aqua pro Natura“. It isn´t a good and serious sign. Maybe it really doesn´t use wood from the tropical rain forest but then it is from Canadian or Sibirian native forests who are as much endangered as the tropical rain forest. (

Much pads that I have, say that their paper is chlorine-free but this is also a deception. Chlorine-free paper is a standart in Germany since 1990 and when there isn´t chlorine in the paper it does not automatically mean that it´s sustainable. It is,in the best way,involved in not polluting our water but the primeval forests are getting cleared anyway.

There are much more signs which are good or not so good but  if I check them too I would sit here the whole night.If there´s something that made you curious then research by yourself 🙂 !All in all do not trust everything that´s „eco-friendly“ . Buy paper with the Blue Angel and you´re on a good way and please do not buy „Aqua pro Natura“ paper.This is the sign that my teacher warned me about when I was eleven and I haven´t bought it since then. Have a nice afternoon ! 🙂



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