Comparison: Supermarkets

Hey guys,

Today we’re going to start a new topic: We’ll try to compare Supermarkets in its eco-friendliness. I’m going to start with the supermarket which is rated as the least eco-friendly one ( of twelve other supermarkets.

Aldi Nord


Not only „“ thinks that Aldi Nord doesen’t care about sustainability. In a test of „“ this supermarket meets less than 15% of the requirements in sustainability. In April 2013 (the time during this study has been made), it didn’t even published a report about its sustainability. Since September in 2013 Aldi Nord changed its aims: It wants to care more about this topic ( And it really did (more sustainable textiles, fish, cocoa,…)

Influence on the climate:

In 2013, Aldi Nord didn’t use much renewable energy (less than 25%). Furthermore, it didn’t reduced its greenhouse gas emissions. Only 5 days ago, „“ confirmed that Aldi Nord didn’t published a report about its influence on the climate.

Protection of the enviroment:

„“ criticiezed the use of paper, the not-excisting eco-friendly products and the wrong attitude in association with the garbage. At this time, it’s much better than in 2013 but it could still be better.

Working conditions:

The labour union ver.di published a report about bad working conditions in Aldi. they wrote about not-payed working hours and the threat to a democratic works council.

=> All in all, Aldi Nord is on a good way. It could only become better. Me personally, I can’t judge all of the sources where I got the information from. But it did show that Aldi Nord still isn’t very eco friendly. And there was a long time between 2013 and now and I can’t see the huge difference, that Aldi Nord could or should have made.







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