Comparison: Germany´s Supermarkets

So, hey guys, it´s me again 😀

Now we talk about the „best supermarket“ in a way of eco friendly consumption. In the ranking of „“ it is:


Sustainability: Alnatura does take care about sustainability in it´s own brochure but the main points that the authors wanted to know aren´t in this brochure, so it´s not proved if they are sustainable.

Climate protection: The electricity for this supermarket is to 100 per cent from renewable energies.

Environment protection: Alnatura´s paper is certificated recycled paper and it´s most bought food is biological. It takes care about animal rights cause they are higher than the normal laws . The only niggle is the non-reduction of plastic bags.

Working Conditions: They don´t want to tell the authors something about their working conditions.

All in all I think Alnatura is much better than Aldi Nord, but if they don´t want to say something about the working conditions, I think they haven´t got good ones so they have to make better and fairer ones. I think the thing with the renewable energies is a big progress to other companies, but the thing with the plastic bags isn´t good at all. As you can see, even the „best“ supermarket could improve some of its points to be more eco friendly .I hope you are more enlightened now and you rethink if you could reduce something like using plastig bags at shopping too! Have a nice day 🙂





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