Making Christmas cards

Hey everyone 😀

We’ve just written our last exam this year and now it’s time to get ready for Christmas! There are only 6 days left 😀 !

It’s time to decorate and to buy Christmas presents and what would be more ecofriendly than making it on your own? Furthermore, it’s more valuable than any Christmas present you could buy!

So I told myself: Get up! Enjoy Christmas! 😀 And I can tell you it makes even more fun if you know that you do something good for the environment! (We used less plastic, the production didn’t emit much greenhouse gases, …)

So, I met my friends and see what happened:

Well, I have to admit that I didn’t have art as a school subject anymore 😀

I hope you like the idea.


Little hint: Listening to Christmas music during the production makes you feel lik the time stopped for a while…


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