Feeding my rabbits

Hello ecofriends,

Today, I just fed my rabbits, like every day.

We give them what we don´t need anymore, like apples that are a bit brown, old salad, carrot peel and even potato peel. My one rabbit, Molly (she´s the one with black and beige skin) loves potato peel and thats not normal for a rabbit but ,yeah, she likes it. In this evening, they had celeriac,salad and apple peel. My other rabbit, Pfötchen, doesn´t like celeriac so he is searching for the rest of the salad. My other rabbits, Krümel and Minky,have already eaten up their food but they had the same.

And now, after I told you much about my rabbits you ask yourselves: „Why the hell did she just told us so much about her rabbits?“ I´ll give you the answer: 

-> we don´t throw our organic waste away, we give it to our rabbits, they have food and we don´t have to buy something new (so no more plastic) and then we do their „rabbit shit“ on the compost, that´s it.

Simply and ecofriendly 😉




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