Hey guys,

After „-A“ told us something about the activities of Nestlé, I thought I could tell you about other companies and their bad influence on biodiversity. I read about it last year in a StreetWorker magazine. For those who don’t know this magazine: It’s written and sold by homeless people and I was suprised how interesting it is to read those! I can really commend those magazines. They have interesting topics, seen from another point of view.


One of the reports inside was really touching and it stayed in my mind: „Monsanto, an enemy of the planet!“. Monsanto is one of the biggest seed companies worldwide. It was founded in 1901 in the USA as an company which produced chemical products. In the past they’ve produced the carcinogenic insecticide DDT, the softener PCB which leads to infertility, the disputed carcinogenic sweetener Aspartam and other things that led to terrible malformations or that are a threat to biodiversity. Characteristic for Monsanto  as streetworker writes is greediness, arrogance, lobbyism and hard commercial practices.

You may say:“OK, everybody makes mistakes“. Sure, that’s not the problem. And the problem is not only Monsanto. In 2002 a scientist was forced to hold back critism to another insecticide. the plants starded to become resistent against this, that means we have to use more and more every year and a kind of invincible weed is developing because of that. And I won’t forget to mention that the insecticide is carcinogenic. What a suprise!


Another invention is the so called „terminator technology“. That technology prevents the production of seeds.Fortunatly, the development of these technology is stopped, because plants can multiply very easily and infect other plants. That would be our end.

But why do we develop such technologies: It’s the money. Because if we’d use this invention the farmers had to buy new seeds every year. And guess where you can buy them: At the Monsanto company!!!

But it’s still getting more and more confusing. The EU tries a new law at the moment. Farmers have to pay taxes if they want to use their own seeds for planting new plants!!!? It’s tested in Germany at the moment! Thats the most illogical thing I’ve ever heard!!!

In 2013 Obama signed the „Monsanto Protection Act“. That makes it possible for Monsanto to not follow the laws that the USA has!!!?

Now you’d probably swear that you’ll never support this company. What if I tell you that your retirement is depending on Monsanto-shares?


Don’t forget to check out the new StreetWorker magazines! 🙂



Hey guys!

Today we want to talk with you about a special theme. It´s about factories that have a bad reputation. I want to know if this bad reputation is justified or not.

First, we talk about Nestlé. It is a big company which owns little companies like Schöller, Nesquik and so on. They produce food and drinks. The most things i found out about Nestlé is its thing with water ressources from Africa. For Example in Algeria, Nestlé bought the water use rights and it keeps the water.In 2010 the UNO has published that everyone in the world should have the right to have water. In Pakistan, it is fact that Nestlé keeps the water, puts it in plastic bottles and sells it for much more money than they had to pay. And, of course I think that it is not okay! And not only for human rights it is a bad thing. The plastic bottles ( PET bottles) are made of oil and this industry really gobbles it and, of course, energy. As you hopefully know, more than seven million tons of plastic land in the sea. (

When I read this, I was really shocked. I didn´t knew that until I read this article but now I know, Nestlé is really exploiting so called third world countries!

And if this isn´t enough, Nestlé does not only exploits the ressources of the countries. It exploits the people there too. In 2005 they were accused of child labour, illegal slave trade with childs from the Ivory coast. (

So, if you think it´s all, well, surprise, it is not. Nestlé was also accused by doing animal tests for their teas at rats, although these products doesn´t have to be tested on them because there is no law for these tests. (

In 2007 Nestlé got an award for „destroying the green planet and making it more black“ (

All in all, I think Nestlé deserves its bad reputation, because all these things (and much more because these are just examples) made me think different about Nestlé and I think I want to avoid this company now and I tell my parents that they please don´t buy things from this company anymore! If you want to know which brands belong to Nestlé, here is a list: 

Have a nice evening and think about this theme!



Hey guys,

At Friday I was in Frankfurt with a friend. We got there by train and also got home by train. There, we went to a shop called „Lush“. This shop does not use chemical ingredients and it fights against animal testing. I bought a face cleanser there and it´s pretty good! 🙂 So, if you´re in Frankfurt one time then make sure to have  a look at Lush.

But something on the day wasn´t so good. When we were hungry, we decided to eat something from a Chicken and Crisps shop. It was very full there so the seller was stressed. A man in front of us wanted crisps without anything but the seller made mayonnaise on them and the man said he doesn´t want them. But instead of keeping the crisps for someone who wants crisps with mayonnaise, the seller just put the whole thing in the rubbish. My friend and I were a little bit shocked. We ordered crisps without anything too, because we are both veggies. At first, the crisps were very delicious, but then we saw chicken nuggets in it! And that´s totally not okay. We ate our crisps but we sadly threw the chicken nuggets away because we don´t eat them.That´s not okay at all. So, I will never gonna get there anymore and my friend neither.

I think, because of those people who give a fuck (sorry for my language) on our environment, the pollution gets bigger everyday and so does the intensive lifestock farming! So the next time I would rather buy a bread or a pretzel at a bakery.

Hope ya´ll had a nice weekend and a good start at school 🙂



„Fun“ facts: waste

Hey guys!

I’m back home again and I thought about searching some fun facts about waste on the internet. Have fun!

  1. A ton of new plastic costs about 1200-1400€. A ton of recycled plastic costs abot 500€. Each year, germany produces 21 million tons of new plastic.
  2. About 36% organic materials can be found in the residual waste, because most people are to lazy to separate it.
  3. About 75% of the waste that is able to become recycled is burned instead of recycled.
  4. Theres a course of studies called „Disposal Engineering“
  5. Only 1% of rare earth becomes recycled.
  6. 1,3 billion tons of food are thrown away each year. That’s about 1/3 of the annual production.
  7. Explores have found more than 6 times as much as plastic than plankton in the pacific ocean. 46000 tons of plastic have been found each square kilometer.
  8. 40 visitors of the movie „Plastic planet“ tested their blood. They have found plastic in it.
  9. For having one ton of copper you have to remove 1000 tons of stone or recycle 14 tons of electrical scrap material.
  10. One third of the sand on british beaches are little pieces of plastic.

I hope you like it. Enjoy the rest of your holidays!



Cleaning can be ecofriendly

Hey guys,

Yesterday my mum bought a very good toilet cleaner. Instead of using one which is like „0815“ she searched for one that is eco-friendly and she really found one. 

As you can see, there is the EU Ecolabel on it. To find out what this sign means you can search for another post where I talked about it. The cleaner says, that it uses less packaging than the ones that aren´t eco cleaners and it uses less dangerous ingredients.

I don´t know if it is a big difference to the normal toilet cleaner, but the EU ecolabel isn´t just imagined, if you know what I mean 😀

The second thing that she bought is apple juice. We buy it from a farm shop here in Dieburg.( Max-Planck Str.1) This juice is made of locally grown apples nearby in the Odenwald. 

Maybe you find things that are eco friendly or locally grown too ! 🙂 Have a nice evening.


Swedish guests

Hey guys,

At first I have to say sorry that I can’t write the blog regularly the next days 😦 We have guests from Sweden here at the moment so I’m quite busy to show them as much as I can until they leave on saturday. Today we stayed with some friends who have some swedish guests too 😀 So I won’t be at home until friday. That means I’m not quite ecofriendly because we need to save time by using the car or because we buy a lot of food…….

But we do some good things for the environment as well. 😉 By and eating together we’ve got the possibility to by food in bigger amounts, which saves plastic and other packaging. By staying together only one house needs to be heated. Another positive thing is the use of water bottles made of glass.

You can see things from different sides and if you have a closer look at the ecofriendly side you can learn how important it is to stay with friends 😉 😀


The day before yesterday was more ecofriendly. We made a pumpkin soup with shrimps that have the „MSC-seal“ for sustainable fishing.



Is this paper eco-friendly?

Hello everyone and a happy new year!

Today, I decided to do something for school (but actually not for this blog 😀 ) and I searched for a writing pad, and there was a sign on it that reminded me of something that a teacher told me when I was in the fifth grade. She said, that some signs are really eco-friendly and some are not and -I just did such an interesting post about Bio-signs that I decided to do one about eco-friendly and sustainable signs relating to paper. 

We start with the „Blauer Engel“: blauer_engel_logo_gesundheit

Paper, that has this sign on it is to 100 per cent from recycled paper. The dye does not come from any chemical compounds like mercury or lead. So, it is very eco-friendly. (

emas <-This sign stands for checking the global forest ressources and it has strict laws to our eco criterias, but it isn´t as good as the Blue Angel.

eu blumeThe official sign from the EU „European Flower“ isn´t as good as the Blue Angel at all. It´s criterias aren´t very clear and it defects at checking. (

The website has a different opinion to the official European Ecolabel. It says that the laws for energy using, gas emission and so on are good and clearly given just for the use of recycled paper isn´t any law given.

aqua pro natura

But all websites that I checked (3) have the same opinion to „Aqua pro Natura“. It isn´t a good and serious sign. Maybe it really doesn´t use wood from the tropical rain forest but then it is from Canadian or Sibirian native forests who are as much endangered as the tropical rain forest. (

Much pads that I have, say that their paper is chlorine-free but this is also a deception. Chlorine-free paper is a standart in Germany since 1990 and when there isn´t chlorine in the paper it does not automatically mean that it´s sustainable. It is,in the best way,involved in not polluting our water but the primeval forests are getting cleared anyway.

There are much more signs which are good or not so good but  if I check them too I would sit here the whole night.If there´s something that made you curious then research by yourself 🙂 !All in all do not trust everything that´s „eco-friendly“ . Buy paper with the Blue Angel and you´re on a good way and please do not buy „Aqua pro Natura“ paper.This is the sign that my teacher warned me about when I was eleven and I haven´t bought it since then. Have a nice afternoon ! 🙂